Luxury Home Stays Experience

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In order to cancel a booking made through our website, in-person, phone call or our partner channels, you must send to us a written notice of cancellation email as follows:

  1. Written notice to be sent from your registered email address (if any) to
  2. Clear instruction/request to cancel the reservation.

For all reservations originating from travel agencies such as or – such requests shall be made via respective partner channel only.

Please note, below general cancellation/refund rules apply to all reservations unless otherwise agreed in written between the Guest and the Operator.
*Operator reserves the right to keep security deposit / down-payment / reservation fee / rental amount against the cancellation to cover full charges as shown above.

By making a reservation all our Guests agree to:

  1. Reservation Terms & Conditions
  2. Refund Policy (this page)
  3. House Rules